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Avid lover of Parisian life, Marie Antoinette, called Antonia as a child by her mother, is today the muse and face of Café Antonia.
Café Antonia elegantly reflects a more spontaneous side of Paris life where you can enjoy casual and elegant refreshments any time of day.
Dine by frescoed walls, beneath crystal chandeliers. The musical atmosphere transforms with the time of day. 

The deft influence of Chef Eric Frechon is evident throughout the menu.
Afternoon tea is an exquisite confection of craftsmanship featuring many creations by ‘Pastry Chef of the Year’, the talented Laurent Jeannin.


The Perfumes of Tea

We are delighted to introduce a new sensory experience, inspired by the opening of the Grand Musée du Parfum.

With the new Perfumes of Tea ritual, guests are invited to smell and ‘taste’ the tea, to make their selection, this is a far more sensory and memorable experience, than reading a menu.

Experience “The Perfumes of Tea”: 15 euros

Tea Time

Our Parisian palace offers an assortment of sweet and savory delights from in-house pastry Chef Laurent Jeannin and Chef Eric Frechon.

In a warm and cozy atmosphere, succumb to the delicious scones, authentic muffins, and other teatime essentials, including finger sandwiches and more while discovering a delightful selection of teas, featuring classic grands crus, as well as creative blends with the most daring of flavors.

Chef Frechon’s fresh fruit juices

Chef Frechon’s fresh fruit juices are precisely what's needed to help you feel your best. Looking for vitality? Indulge in a Boost, a delicious cocktail of kiwi, celery, beetroot, green apple, ginger and orange. Need to get back in shape for the beautiful days ahead? Our Détox is just the thing, with silhouette-enhancing pineapple, white grape juice, cucumber, green apple, ginger and lime. For those needing a delicious break, the Bien-être is perfect for discovering the delights of passion fruit, orange, kiwi, carrot, fennel and ginger.

Practical information

Café Antonia
112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 43 43 42

Head Chef : Eric Frechon
Pastry Chef : Laurent Jeannin
Café Antonia Manager: Pascal Havel

Breakfast from 8:00am through 11:00am
Lunch from 12:00pm through 5:00pm
Tea time from 3:00pm through 6:00pm
Dinner from 6:30pm through 10:00pm

Live music from Monday to Saturday
From 5:00pm through 9:00pm

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