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Adored by children, favoured by Goyard

Two of the most elegant residents of Parisian Grand Palace hotel are the renowned Birman cats Fa-Raon and his new lady companion Kléopatre. Curious Fa-Raon is the one member of Le Bristol Paris family who is entirely indifferent to the impression he makes, with aloof self-confidence, he refuses to meet the schedules of journalists or photographers, but affectionate and playful Kléopatre won him over immediately.

Our Palace pasha took her on a discovery tour of the Hotel's corridors and sumptuous lounges, through our French garden, and today Fa-Raon shares his favourite corner with her on the concierges counter.

Feline Features

Clearly cats of exquisite taste Fa-Raon and Kléopatre are very pleased with the fine jewelled collars provided for them by fashion house Goyard with medallions by Christofle. They also take immense pleasure in seeing their apartment at Le Bristol Paris decorated by world-renowned street artist Renk. His concept covers the walls with the word ‘cat’ written in a multitude of languages, the finish is a stroke of genius. Both our family pets are friendly and purr with pleasure at the lavish attentions of our young guests.

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